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  1. Hardware
    I have a new Plextor PlexWriter PX-891SAF 24x that I cannot get to work correctly. The drive will not load or unload a disc on its own. I manually put a CD in it and the LED comes, but when I go to querey the drive it tells it's empty. It shows up in the Bios, The Directory Tree & Device Mgr...
  2. Hardware
    Hello, I dropped my laptop recently, which caused my optical drive to pop out. The screw on the bottom of the laptop is missing, but everything else seems to be in tact. I’ve tried forcefully pushing the drive back in, but it doesn’t not completely want to fit. I’m really unsure of what I...
  3. Hardware
    This might be the wrong place, but I'm having an issue. I'm attempting to use an external optical drive to install a very large flight simulator from 8 different installation discs. I go through the first two, but on attempting to run the third, I ran into my issue. The optical drive just...
1-3 of 3 Results