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  1. Windows 10
    basically i was trying to put the downloads in "D:" but I accidentally set the downloads to the onedrive folder and now i can't change the location of the downloads folder (portuguese)
  2. Multimedia
    I'm importing videos to my laptop with an SD card, and now when I try to import a video there's is a little red x next to the video and one drive is saying I dont have enough storage space, even though my computer has 900+ free gigabytes. I understand onedrive is like a cloud where you can sync...
  3. Business Applications
    My company has a paid account for both I need to move all one drive back to Dropbox due to a company uproar because well its hated. (PS previous person put this in motion I'm in charge of cleaning it up) other then a mover or flow which is not working for either is there a good way to take care...
  4. Android Mobile Devices
    Could you provide clear easy steps to copy pic files from one drive to Android gallery?
  5. General Security
    After downloading some files on Windows 10, I decided to scan them with Windows Defender and noticed something very odd about the scan results. For some reason, Windows Defender always doubles the total number of files scanned. I've tried this multiple times. If I scan 1 file, the result...
  6. Windows 8
    I've been using Windows 10 now for a few days and I gotta say I think Windows 8.1 is much better, I just built my first computer with Windows 10 and while it completes tasks perfectly well and about 40% faster, I still think the navigation around the system is slower than 8.1 ... I was told 81...
1-6 of 6 Results