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  1. Games
    I recently got a pc from my uncle.I dont think it is that powerful but whenever i play a game like rust,it makes a window noise and than kicks me out of the server.It could be because it has a old wifi adapter or it could be that it has a old gpu.
  2. Games
    Hi, I am trying to get my Total Club Manager 2004 game to work on my old HP laptop which I believe operates on Windows 7 still! The box says that the game should be run on Windows 98/2000/ME/XP but even when I click properties and choose to run it in any of these compatibility modes, it still...
  3. Hardware
    So a few months back, my grandfather died, and I managed to receive this really old computer, but we couldn't find the book on how to use it. I was wondering if anybody on this forum could help me identify it. I have included some pictures below, thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Windows 7
    I just built a PC with an MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard and I need help installing Windows 7. I went to the driver download page on my mobo website and only Win 10 x64 was listed, however, when I downloaded the LAN and the chipset driver, the installer said that Win 7 was indeed...
  5. Hardware
    Hello, I've finally got around to removing the hard drive from a 20 year old tower pc. What hard drive enclosure (is that what they are called?) do I need to be able to access the data on the drive? Any recommendations? Also, is there anything I should be careful with, any 'watch outs' when...
  6. Windows 10
    Hello. As the tittle say my ram isn't used by my operating system The problem occured after getting back new mobo from warranty (few days later) PC specs are : Msi 970 gaming mobo Msi gtx 1050 gpu AMD fx 8350 eight core cpu SSD Samsung EVO 256gb 6gb of old ram 2gbx3 Shortly about problem. any...
  7. Hardware
    My PC is kinda old but still has decent specs. I would not be using it for hardcore gaming just want some descent graphics that will boosts its performance for low demand games (ie League of Legends). My PC is a HP Compaq 8100 Elite SFF with the specs as follows. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5...
  8. Hardware
    This is a v simple question but my pc is really important so I wanted to make sure I was in a knowledgeable place My HP laptop is a few years old and the battery has done That Thing where it no longer charges and now it can only be used when plugged in (if unplugged it will shut off...
  9. Web & Email
    Lost a password to gmail, don't have access to phone used to complete 2 step verification. I have virtually no proof I own the account. It's old last used in Oct 2015. Has precious photos of people who have passed. Plz help!
  10. Earlier Versions of Windows
    I have a old gateway 800 performance and I wanted to use it to play old games. Windows 2000 wasnt installing so I took the hard drive out and installed it on my optiplex. Then took it back out and put it back in. Every time I start the computer it gets stuck loading windows. I've tried going...
  11. Android Mobile Devices
    I started a new thread, but see the title has been deleted and it has now been moved, could I ask why? It has apparently been added to a old thread that I made, and that is now closed for anymore discussions! That is fair enough to close the previous one, but to edit a new post and move it? I...
  12. Apple Mobile Devices
    Both my parents are buying Iphone 7, I have to choose 1 USED Iphone 6 of one of them. What should I check before choosing (like hardware conditions, camera, screen integrity, ...) What whould you recommend when "buying" a used phone. I will format both iphones, is there a way of knowing witch...
  13. Games
    Hi, i'm new in this forum. I see this thread: I want the same game, please, if you can tell me where i can found it, i will be in love with you. Thank's
1-13 of 13 Results