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  1. Windows 10
    I keep on getting the Blue Screen of Death,but it's not that regular.Sometimes after 10 mins,and other times after 2 hrs of usage,but It always happens if I try to shut down or restart the PC. I have used Dump file Viewer to find that the ntoskrnl.exe is causing it,how do I fix that?Apparently...
  2. Games
    My laptop is msi GT 70 2PC (Windows 8.1). It's been two years and never had any issue like this. This problem began yesterday when I was playing League of Legends, and suddenly it froze and my pc crashed showing an error. After that, I've tried multiple things such as: -Uninstall Nvidia driver...
  3. Windows 10
    Hello! Thanks in advance! I am more tech savvy than the average bear but I am not a techie by profession. Perhaps you can help identify this problem I am having. I suspect it is some kind of driver issue or possibly hardware, but I'm leaning toward driver issue. Problem: When restarting Windows...
1-3 of 3 Results