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  1. Hardware
    Hi! So, a few months ago my computer got some water damage and wouldn't turn on. I put it off to the side for a while, and yesterday I tried to turn it on again- And it worked! However today it's stubbornly refusing to start up again. Any thoughts? I know the battery has at least a bit of a...
  2. Hardware
    I have to remove battery 2 3 time qnd then have to click power button to start my laptop and when it turns on if I'm trying to restart it's not turning on again and I am facing one more problem with it my keyboard is not working properly some of keys are working and when I'm click on the other...
  3. Hardware
    Yesterday, my computer randomly shut down without showing any lights that it is charging or anything. I looked online and saw that there were 2 possible fixes. One was to just wait a day or so, the other was to take out the battery, and start the computer with only the charger. So I waited a day...
1-3 of 3 Results