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  1. Hardware
    When I plug in my headphones (they include a mic) instead of recording my voice from my headphone it records from the inbuilt microphone which makes the recordings very noisy. I've tried different headphones and microphones and I've tried going to the sound setting and change the selected...
  2. Hardware
    I have recently purchased a 2.0 USB Portable Optical Drive from eBay. But when I connect it to my laptop or any other device it doesn't recognise it. The drive will open and I can put a CD in but it doesn't recognise it. eBay item link...
  3. Hardware
    Hi, Happy New Year! Anyway, I have a Sony PS3 gamepad that I am attempting to use on my PC but the PC doesn't even recognise that it is plugged into the USB connection (front and back). In Device Manager, there is nothing under sound, video and game controllers. Under Universal Serial Bus...
1-3 of 3 Results