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  1. Hardware
    Hello everyone, I will try my best to best describe the issue here as I've tried several things so far to my knowledge and hope to get some help from someone with more experience. I have a ASUS Tuff gaming 507YD which so far everything was fine, my laptop have a little issue with 1 of the vent...
  2. Hardware
    The sound suddenly stopped on my laptop. The speakers aren't working and also the audio output jack, but speakers of a monitor works when I connect it through HDMI port I have tried reinstalling the default driver Realtek(R) audio, tried unistalling third party sound enhancement app Nahimic and...
  3. Hardware
    No sound to external speakers although the earphones work ok and I am using Windows 10
  4. Hardware
    I just got this laptop (Windows 10 Toshiba) summer of 2015. It has been working fine all this time. The only issue I had was my battery because apparently you can't charge an iPad on your computer(which doesn't make sense since it has a USB port). But I got around that. This, I can't get around...
1-4 of 4 Results