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  1. Hardware
    Hello, everything in my PC was working before I decided to change some settings in BIOS. To be precise I noticed that RAM frequency was about 2133mhz while I knew RAMs supported 3000mhz. I googled a bit and came upon threads mentioning XMP, which I later turned on. While in BIOS I also enabled...
  2. Games
    A couple of weeks ago i put a new graphics card in my pc. I realized after that i didnt have the right power cord for it. Not a problem. I removed the card and turned on my pc. My pc turned on fine and ran well. I thought it would revert to internal graphics. However my display wasnt showing any...
  3. Hardware
    Hello everyone. I am struggling with strange problem. I dug through so many forums and websites to get some answers, unfortunately none was unequivocal. From time to time my computer is crashing in the way that sometimes the screen is frozen, however the music/sound is still being played in the...
1-3 of 3 Results