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  1. Networking
    My printer is on the network. It's taking several minutes to print documents, doesn't matter the program or kind of document. Changing network cables didn't help. I can get on to network files and work in programs fine. Plugged my network cable into different computer and that computer printed...
  2. Hardware
    I just bought a new HP officejet 3830 wireless printer and have set it up and installed the drivers on my laptop. It is properly connected to my network and I am able to print to it from my phone and via the printers email (which will print files I email to it). However the laptop I installed...
  3. Networking
    My computer was connected to my network printer and was working fine. However, the network printer lost power and during the power outtage, other devices grabbed the same IP address. When power was restored, there was an IP address conflict. We powered down everything and powered it all back up...
1-3 of 3 Results