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  1. Networking
    My wifi has been acting up and most of the time the wifi shows that I'm connected to my laptop but the weird part is I am unable to connect to my playstation or my phone. Help! My service provider was unable to help and I'm panicking right now because I don't want this to be a permanent issue!
  2. Networking
    I've heard from someone that having more "loops" on the cable increases the ethernet speed? I haven't really understand what he was saying back then that's why I don't even know what to search on the internet. Does this kind of thing exist? If so, then how does it work?
  3. Hardware
    Hi, First of all, I will donate my last shirt to this site if anyone is able to help me with my problem! I've now been trying to fix my computer for over a week, reading dozens of forum posts on the issue, replacing things, but all with now luck :( So here is my problem, (I'm running Windows...
  4. Networking
    Ok so I've been trying for a could weeks to get port forwarding to work with my Netgear R6700 Nighthawk router. I've done the basic thing, go to advanced setup/port forwarding-port triggering blah blah blah. I've also set a static IP, i"ve opened the port in the firewall, i've reset the router...
  5. Networking
    Hello, my family just subscribed to a paid VPN service and asked me to help figure out how to get the house's wifi network go run all traffic in the house through it. In short I guess we want the router to run through the VPN if that is possible. We have a netgear R100 router and the VPN...
1-5 of 5 Results