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  1. Controversial Topics
    Anyone here heard of the debate over net neutrality? Basically, net neutrality prevents ISPs from possibly gaining control of the internet to the point of who gets more bandwidth. I sent in a comment myself to the FCC. Mind you, I don't wear a "tinfoil hat" myself. But, having worked for a big...
  2. Networking
    Yesterday I acquired a hp compaq dc5800 for free from my fathers work place, I had hopes of making it a secondary storage device to store some non important files on maybe install a few low spec games on it to save space on my other computers but it Just will not connect to net no matter what I...
  3. Networking
    Hi, i need help with my internet.My ISP provided me with an internet cable,no modem,just a cable and ipv4 settings would give me internet access on my PC.So, i bought a TP-Link WR-740N wireless router and got it setup.Now i access Internet on my laptop using WiFi.I do a lot of gaming on my...
1-3 of 3 Results