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  1. Windows 10
    I recently just built and PC and had windows 10 operating system installed. When I tried to connect my ethernet cable so I could use the internet, all i see is a big "troubleshoot" button. When i click on it, it says it doesnt have network drivers installed or something. What should I do to get...
  2. Windows 7
    I've searched for solutions to this problem as best I could, but didn't find anything exactly like what I'm experiencing, so thanks in advance for your patience with the newbie if I've missed something that covers this. I include bold not to be annoying, but to hopefully make this more scannable...
  3. Hardware
    MSI Titanium, DDR4, Intel Core I-5, 32GB Corsair Memory Motherboard does not see hard drives or SSD. Will boot to Windows on M.2 SSD. All drivers have been updated, BIOS is newest as of yesterday. Reset CMOS by shorting pins and removing battery. Tested the SATA power with a fan controller...
1-3 of 3 Results