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  1. Windows 7
    Hi I seem to be having a reoccurring problem with my mouse and keyboard Every so often the mouse and keyboard will freeze It can be 5 minutes or a couple of hours When I reboot it starts of Ok and then the same issue occurs after a while If I am watching a film the film audio still seems to be...
  2. Hardware
    I am using a Windows 10 os Mercury g41 mother board Intel dual core E5700 3.0Ghz My system isn't recognizing usb keyboards it's behaving weird it's covering 80%screen, the screen is yellowish, it isn't going into bios setup if I try to enter into bios the screen goes blank, I tried using new...
  3. Hardware
    Hey guys. A couple of months ago my laptop battery started deteriorating and went to the point that it couldn't hold any battery and got the message "No battery is detected".Some days later after I accidentally unplugged the AC plug, it obviously shut down as the battery didn't work. After I...
  4. Windows 7
    I've recently set up my computer with windows 7, and all of a sudden after performing restart the mouse and keyboard fail to work after reaching the login screen. Basically the lights are on but nobody is home. Both the mouse and keyboard function fine in the BIOS and when selecting if I wish to...
  5. Windows 10
    i have a hp pavillion touchsmart laptop and the mouse and touchscreen freeze on a regular basis, im fully up to date with drivers but it is still happening. is there something else that i can do to stop this? windows 10
  6. Windows 10
    An issue Ive been having for weeks has now turned into an even bigger nightmare. Weeks ago I reset Windows 10 (which was working fine before), as a last resort due to an unrelated issue which was fixed. Since the reset I started having daily computer lock ups where the screen would stay on, but...
1-6 of 6 Results