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  1. Hardware
    Hello I have recently had problems with my desktop PC not powering on when pressing power button. It's pretty high end gaming system with parts only about 3 years old. I see that my motherboard is getting power because the rgb is on but the pc just won't power on. However, sometimes after I...
  2. Hardware
    I mounted it, connected everything correctly, and it turns on, but it doesn't give video, all the components, but a red LED is on on the motherboard indicating that the dram is defective or poorly connected, but I've already tried to put it again, cleaned it, changed the slot , but nothing...
  3. Hardware
    Sir my pc won't start after press button..but after hour it start normally then after shutdown again hours not start after hours it's start normally, it's continue 2 days..while it's not start the usb has power .but fan doesn't spin..
1-3 of 3 Results