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  1. Hardware
    Hi! I'm incredibly bad with PC stuff, I'm not someone who's ever taken the time to learn this stuff. I just know the names of things, so feel free to explain this to me like you're explaining it to a small child. I used to have a second monitor working on my PC ~6 months ago. It stopped working...
  2. Hardware
    My monitor can only connect with a DVI cable but it doesn't come on My other monitor requires a HDMI cable and works And a bit ago i got a DVI to HDMI cable but the monitor that requires a DVI cable wont connect neither will the HDMI monitor with the cord either So i concluded the DVI input...
  3. Hardware
    Hi, im a realtive novice when it comes to conputers, i usually just use my laptop to run a few client games and some steam applications, nothing heavy. After attempting to alt tab out of a full screen application, my laptop seemingly crashed. After rebooting the laptop the led power indicator...
  4. Hardware
    Hello, I am using the LG Flatron IPS224 and I am having a problem with the display. When a picture appears on the screen, the screen turns black and the power light turns off. Then, it will automatically turn itself back on again, then have the same problem continuously. Sometimes it will fix...
  5. Hardware
    Hello I have an AOC2460PF monitor I have try uninstalling the driver reinstalling but every time I switch from 60hz to 144hz the monitor goes black. If anyone knows what i could do. I have Nvidia gtx 750 TI. I am using a Dvi cable
  6. Hardware
    I recently bought a Dell computer with a dual monitor display set up. I plugged everything in and seem to only get one monitor that works. the second monitors power button flashes as if it is on but the screen is just black. The computer acts as if both monitors are on and I can drag things to...
  7. Hardware
    As the title said, i am using "sunview" tv as my pc monitor, i am having this issue few days ago, i don't think it has to do anything with my pc; it's just flashing orange light on the sensor's side continuously, i tried holding the power button for almost a minute, i tried unplugging everything...
  8. Hardware
    Mac pro early 2009 2 x 2.26Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon Memory 8Gb 1066 MHz DDR3 Current graphics nvidia 120 GT I want to put a nvidia gt610 in, monitor remains black but fan on it works?? OS X El Capitan 10.11.5
1-8 of 8 Results