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  1. Hardware
    When I turn on the computer the monitor shows "No signal" even though I turned on the CPU. I checked the cable if the monitor is plugged in the CPU correctly and still the same thing happened. This is the sequence of what the monitor would display → AOC logo (AOC is the brand of our monitor) →...
  2. Hardware
    Hello and good day! I woke up today to find that a power surge occurred last night and that my PC was making a strange clicking sound as well as turning off and on in sort of a wavering fashion. I turned if off immediately and when I turned it back on, the monitor refused to connect to my PC...
  3. Hardware
    Hi, I recently bought a Philips 346B1 monitor. Over the last few days, I have been using HDMI to connect my monitor to my laptop. SInce the monitor only supports 30Hz with HDMI, I wanted to try USB-C to connect them. My laptop is the Asus Vivobook Pro N580GD. When I connect it an error message...
  4. Hardware
    Good Morning, I purchased a refurbished Acer K202HQL Monitor to connect to my Acer E5-575 Laptop running Windows 10. The monitor is supposed to be plug and play, but it is not. I cannot get the monitor to work with the laptop. It is connected by a cable, like the ones that come with printers. It...
  5. Hardware
    I recently moved my set up from one room of my house to the other. before I unhooked everything both of my monitors worked. I unplugged everything moved all my stuff hooked everything back up and now it wont detect my hdmi monitor all my drivers are up to date and I'm at a total loss on how to...
  6. Apple Mac
    I have a 2018 Macbook Air and i want to connect it to my monitor via DisplayPort. Previousl I have tried using 2 adapters, (usb-c to hdmi , and hdmi to display port) and connecting it to the monitor with a display port cable ,but that didnt work . Would buying a straight (usb-c to display fix...
  7. Hardware
    I currently have a Quadro K600 as my GPU. I have a regular 1080p monitor on the DVI port. Theres a display port left, will my gpu be able to handle it if I buy a 4K display and hook it up to the display port? Even if I have another 1080p monitor connected.
  8. Windows 7
    Hi my pc won't boot up. I removed graphics card to try onboard and still nothing. I also hard reset bios. I don't what else I can do. It turns on and the hardrive spins but no signal...please help me.
1-8 of 8 Results