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  1. Games
    Has anyone got any recommendations for a 4K monitor which has 120+ refresh rate and good response time in need of one for the ps5
  2. Hardware
    Basically on my windows 10 PC I played a game and after I was finished I turned off the computer. As I turned on the computer it was running, I didn't pull out any cables and did not even use the keyboard or mouse before. The first bad sign was the no signal sogn on the monitor that worked at...
  3. Windows 10
    I am using an rx 580 and when I plug in my dvi-d to hdmi and my hdmi into seperate monitors my screens merge and my dvi-d to hdmi display (secondary display) doesn't show up as it's own like it has merged inputs with the HDMI I would to find a way to seperate both displays also if you need more...
  4. Hardware
    Hello. I have a laptop (Dell Latitude) with a HDMI slot, and a monitor (HP EliteDisplay) that has a DisplayPort slot. I want to connect my laptop to the monitor via these two slots, so I bought a cable that has HDMI on one end and DisplayPort on the other. This is the one I bought...
  5. Hardware
    I just built my first pc, and when I power it up everything turns on, but the graphics card can only spins for a few seconds then stops. My graphics card is a Asus Dual GeForce rtx 2070 and motherboard ASUS prime z390-p. Also when it’s plugged into the monitor I have no signal no matter what...
  6. Hardware
    I run a dual monitor setup and recently while playing a game my second monitor shut off and gave me the “cable not connected” message. It is plugged in hdmi to hdmi in my graphics card but says cable is not connected. I tested the cable with my first monitor and it works so idk if it’s the hdmi...
  7. Hardware
    I was looking to upgrade my storage so i added a new 1tb ssd to the existing 1tb hdd and 250mb ssd. I also gave the insides a clear out with a can of compressed air. After connecting it up and putting the case back, i noticed that when i plugged in my 2 monitors, only the primary monitor was...
  8. Hardware
    I'm using a old computer that uses VGA cable and a moniter that uses a HDMI, so I got a cable that allows VGA to be connected to a HDMI cable, but when I connected everything, the moniter says "no signal" any help?
1-8 of 8 Results