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  1. Networking
    Hi guys, I've recently passed some Ethernet Cables into my house to extend Internet access inside my house. I've now this setup. Router number 1 and 2 are on third floor, number 3 and 4 in first floor. Now I have my PC connected to router number 3 and 100% of the time I have internet...
  2. Networking
    My Windows Ultimate 32 bit I have had since 2010 is slow and freezes sometimes, but I'm having problems with the Internet. It doesn't automatically connect like it used to and the manual way didn't work either. Entering the ISP username and password didn't work. Restarting the computer didn't...
  3. Networking
    I've had on going connection issues for months. i constantly have to reboot my modem for it to work properly. i recently fond this log and was wondering if it was showing the issue im having
  4. Networking
    Hello, Not the most tech savvy when it comes to networking, but i'm currently looking to get a new router today because the router we currently have I feel as though is broken. If the router is moved slightly the router goes off and so does the internet. The router and modem is in another room...
  5. Networking
    it started three days ago, using a wireless network, the Internet is running for about 10 minutes and then that's it, but when I restart the router, it starts working again and the problem recurs every moment. but what drives me crazy is that the modem shows that there is internet and everything...
  6. Networking
    Recently I have moved my Alienware windows 10 computer down into my room this is caused my Wi-Fi on my computer to drop out constantly(every few seconds). Right now I have an Optus modem that I've had for 4 years it's very slow if someone could suggest a new modem and why my Internet keeps on...
  7. Networking
    My connection has been messing up for more than 6 months now. At random, my modem will reset itself. Yet the power light is still on? Sometimes it will take 2 minutes to finish reset or 30 minutes because it continues to reset after it finished. It gets me frustrated that at times i can't use...
  8. Networking
    I have netgear DGN1000, Netgear refuses to help me, I reset my modem and now I get no light for internet connection. Tried to use the setup wizard but it wouldn't work.
  9. Networking
    My wifi isn't working. I had to move things around and unplug everything now everything isn't connecting. Everything is on and blinking but not connecting. I tried resetting my router but it didn't work please help. The router is an Asus T-Mobile router
  10. Hardware
    I have a Belkin n+ f5d8235-4 v2 and I have reset the router and then I had to manually reconfigure everything and I may have messed something up. The router has two blinking amber lights: the modem and internet lights. -I began with my modem booted up, then I booted up my router while my...
1-10 of 10 Results