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  1. Tech Tips and Reviews
    This is a review of Maono PM461S USB Microphone Boom Arm Set and my personal opinion on whether it's worth the price tag or no. (Video removed by Administrator)
  2. Tech Tips and Reviews
    This video is my review for the Fifine K678 USB Microphone You will also see the unboxing of this USB microphone, instructions on how to connect it, a brief sound test and some of the reasons why I believe its one of the best budget USB microphones. (Video removed by Administrator).
  3. Hardware
    Hello kind and helpful people! I am in the process of buying a new headset but have a dillema. I have a USB external mic (Razer seiren usb) and currently use the mic jack inbuilt into it (with my old headphones) but want to change to a headset. The headset that i have in mind is the Asus strix...
1-3 of 3 Results