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  1. Hardware
    Hi, so I have a 200gb micro SD card that was corrupted and they want me to format it but I won't because it still has all of my music and pictures on it. I really want to get them back only about 30gb of the data was used up on the card. I have tried almost every program you can try to recover...
  2. Hardware
    I currently have a 64 GB SanDisk micro SDcard that whenever I attempt to open the drive it prompts me with "You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?" I need all or most of the files in the card, so wiping the drive isn't an option. I was using the...
  3. Hardware
    I have an Acer laptop, Windows 10. My question is: Can I safely remove Micro SD Card from my laptop when I have it powered off? Thank you for your help.
  4. Multimedia
    Hi, I've been making audio recordings of my piano playing for an audition, and I used a ZOOM Q2HD (with a Micro SD memory card) to record myself playing. However, the laptop was not able to detect the memory card. It said "There's nothing to import. We couldn't find anything to import from that...
  5. Hardware
    My MicroSD card used to work fine in my motorola moto x play, formatted as internal storage (with android 6.0.1). Suddenly, it stopped working. I tried reinserting the card many times, but it still said it was missing. So, accepting the fact that all my data was long gone, I plugged that sucker...
  6. Hardware
    Hey guys I recently bought a 64 GB micro SD card for my phone, a Moto G3. Mounted it, formatted it, it worked fine, then yesterday when I tried to play some of my music and noticed that there were no songs in my library. The file manager on my phone said that the SD card had "0.00 B" of space...
1-6 of 6 Results