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  1. Multimedia
    Hello, So I am playing 4k content from my NAS with 8k capable box with VLC media player to my Samsung TV (50TU7072) via HDMI cable. It lags so much and I don't know why. The box is connected via ethernet port, through a switch (100/100) that is connected to my router. All of my cables are cat...
  2. Android Mobile Devices
    I have an Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th Gen) tablet. The included Amazon Music app does not seem to have an easy way to create local playlists using mp3 files stored on a micro-SD card plugged into the tablet. It seems to be cloud based and requires an Internet connection while playing. Is there a free...
  3. Multimedia
    Help!! I am hoping to use a monitor (not attached to a computer) to run a slide show of photos at an event. I purchased a MICCA Speck G2 media player BUT after I got it home I realized that my monitor does not have an A/V or HDMI port - which are the only cables that came with the media player...
  4. Hardware
    I own several franchise gyms and want to be able to run a promotional video at all the locations on a few of the TV's that are there. Is there an inexpensive device or media player that I can install that I can remotely upload video to automatically play on a TV at my locations?
1-4 of 4 Results