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  1. Apple Mac
    Please HELP - I am a disaster when it comes to tech, and don't want to ruin anything. I have a 2018 Macbook Pro with 8GB memory. I have a ton of pictures in my Photos library, so I got an External Hard Drive to keep them all in. I got a Lacie External Hard Drive, and recently migrated my Photos...
  2. Apple Mac
    I have a EPSON ET-3750 wireless eco printer. Had it for a year at the old house and it works great. We moved, and I have never been able to connect it to my lap top again. Same lap top I used before. It is a Mac Book Pro, that's all I know about its name. At the new house there is a router and...
  3. Apple Mac
    hello is there any (free) 'download managers' that take YouTube videos and make them to mp3? have trouble with long YouTube videos, they often stop downloading on sites I can move the link to, when I search for YouTube to mp3 online sites like: or other dodgy places. don't know if its...
  4. Business Applications
    Within a single data table, I am using the following LOOKUP calculation to locate the last occurence of a "text string" in a range from Column M, then report a "date" from the associated cell in Column B. Column B is in date order, past to current, top to bottom. The result of this calculation...
  5. Apple Mac
    I have a Samsung T5 hard drive where my photos are stored. The photos are stored as the Apple photo library app. I want to upload the photo library on my hard drive to my iCloud. The photo library is not connected to my iCloud. I don't know how to do that since its on my hard drive. It's...
  6. Apple Mac
    Hi! I need help to start up my MAC with a black screen!
  7. Apple Mac
    Whenever I enter my details, this shows up. I have tried to change the proxy settings but that has had no impact. I don't really know how to update my firewall on the mac. What should I do?
  8. Apple Mac
    I am an apple mac user. Google Chrome keeps showing up with the error: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED, this mainly happens to Roblox and other games websites, weirdly enough, it unblocks itself normaly between 9am-10 ish am and turns back to blocking at around 4-5pm. What I've tried: Flushing DNS...
  9. Software Development
    I can't install Java every time i clicked on install this error appear, i don't know what to do, can't find answers to this problem in internet, i'm using a mac and i don't know how it works if you know please help
  10. Apple Mac
    Hello everyone, hope you’re all good. I wanted to ask for help on an issue regarding MacOS Windows boot camp, which means I can run windows on a mac. I’ve had it for a couple months without issue until last week. I only use windows for gaming, since almost all pc games are windows only. I...
  11. Networking
    Hi guys I’ve bought this WiFi adapter to use in a Kali Linux virtual machine. The device I’m using is a MacBook Pro running big sur. The installation disc does not ha e an option for big sur is there any way I can get this activated for use on the virtual machine?
  12. Apple Mac
    When I try to open my websites it always says the site can’t be reached. Google works fine and if I search it works but when it click on a website it doesn’t work. App Store wouldn’t open no matter what network I change to it is the same problem. I get it when I am at home with home wifi and...
  13. Business Applications
    Hi. I often get sync errors when I use OneNote. It happens multiple times a day. After 5-10 seconds, the sync error usually disappears and it starts syncing again. Since the error disappears so fast, I usually don't get to read the error code before it is gone. I tried opening a OneNote...
  14. Hardware
    Hello, I am switching from Mac over to PC. I have an external hard drive which holds all of my DVDs that I have ripped over the years. Will I be able to watch them on this new PC? Do I have to do some sort of reformatting?
  15. Apple Mac
    Hello everyone, I’ve run into an issue recently. I decided to download a Mac update that I had been putting off for a bit and it immediately ran into issues and I attempted to access recovery mode to try and trouble shoot. However, I ended up getting a screen which asks for a disk password...
  16. Apple Mac
    Trying to get Hazel (a mac program) to monitor a folder, and when it senses a change, to copy the photo or movie to my Photos Library. It should work and its pretty simple but for some reason not working. Can anyone assist? Thanks, Z
  17. Apple Mac
    Hi, maybe you guys can help me.. I’ve been working on a Wordpress Site for several months. Suddenly I cannot get it to load on my macbook, regardless of what browser I use. It will load on my iMac, other laptop, and phones - basically all other devices. This is on wifi or hotspot, same thing...
  18. Apple Mac
    Hi, I am looking to buy my Dad a second screen for his Mac - is there a specific type I need or specific connectors? Thanks, Amy
  19. Apple Mac
    Ok. Premiere Pro can't operate without wi-fi connection, because it needs to 'call home' every so often to check that account is legit and up to date. I wish they had a way of downloading the software to use without having to get access to the internet every 30 days. I want my laptop for work...
  20. Apple Mac
    Hello, So I have some sort of hijacking browser virus called which will basically open new irrelevant tabs whilst I'm browsing and redirect my search to other search engines etc. It just makes browsing very annoying. I have done a bit of research on how to remove it and...
1-20 of 130 Results