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  1. Windows 10
    I am using windows 10, I have been working on a word doc for weeks deadline now. I saved it and switched my comp off (No, I didn’t back it up. Yes I’m a complete a-hole) upon switching my computer on the next morning the file was gone. Three shortcuts displayed a notification informing me that...
  2. Windows 10
    I had backed up some videos from my phone to the laptop to a folder now some of the files are missing from a folder and another folder with some more videos just vanished. I tried to recover the data using multiple recovery softwares but no traces of those files. HELP PLEASE!!!
  3. Business Applications
    Hi all desperately hoping someone can give me words of wisdom and get me out of a right fix. I've been working on an excel spreadsheet for days which seems to have disappeared (unfortunately I can't remember the name I called it). I've checked the recycle bin and it's not there. The odd...
1-3 of 3 Results