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  1. Hardware
    I purchased a Logitech M705 Wireless keyboard and Mouse combo few months ago and I am now experiencing a jumping cell syndrome. A picked cell suddenly moves down to the bottom of the scree, sometimes going completely out of sight, but always down. This happens on every list, menu or any list of...
  2. Hardware
    Hi there i just put together a new pc. made sure i put all the drivers, and updated windows 10 fully. but i have an issue with my Logitech G602 mouse. it works fine on my laptop. but on my pc it lags and jumps. i have tried all the online methods i could find even reinstalling windows 3...
  3. Hardware
    Laptop stopped recognizing Logitech Mouse USV. Moved it to another Laptop and it worked fine. Tried another mouse and it would not recognize it either.
1-3 of 3 Results