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  1. Apple Mobile Devices
    I’ve been logged out of my Instagram and have tried so many things to get it back, but unfortunately I don’t remember my password or have any info logged in to help me get it back, but I do have proof that I own it. Does anyone have any tips, I’m fine with just bypassing the private account just...
  2. Web & Email
    So basically my pc shows I have internet but it doesn't let me login because I don't have internet (pictures 1&2) and I can't go into safe mode because it says search for app in the store should I reset my pc files go into motherboard bios or something?
  3. Windows 10
    Need help resetting laptop or bypassing locked screen to create a pin#/password. Characters scroll in the box non-stop and doesn't allow me to put it in correctly to reach my home screen. I have experienced disruptions with my computer turning off on its own, cursor moving on its own, not being...
  4. Windows 8
    I am locked out of my laptop. I no longer have access to my email used to sign into my windows 8 acer aspire laptop due to it being hacked, cant access my recover email account either . How can I get into my account to change the log in account an password?
  5. Windows 7
    Hi I have a Lenovo think pad laptop from when I was homeschooled that they let me have and I rebooted the whole laptop and I never been able to get back in the laptop it says enter new password and when I do it says it's expired or the system is down and I really need this computer back up and...
1-5 of 5 Results