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  1. Hardware
    I have got a brand new all-in-one desktop which is an Asus Vivo V241. It has 1TB HDD and 512 SDD. I wish to make a Local Disk on the Data (D) drive because I want to make sure I leave room for the OS (C) drive. Not sure if you can do that or not.
  2. Windows 7
    Hello, Earlier, I had a problem with my computer displaying an error preventing me from downloading at any location in my computer except for one file in Local disk (C; ) unless I "contact the administrator" So I went on youtube to find a solution and messed up on my owm as I was frustrated...
  3. Hardware
    Hi, I made this account to ask about my Local Disk. It is nearly full, and I don't really mind. But I keep getting a notification on my computer making a loud noise, it disturbs me when listening to music, focusing on a game, or basically doing anything. It happens like every 10 minutes, and is...
  4. Windows 10
    I am very confused. I have been trying to clear up some space for a while now but nothing really worked. I have looked deeper into the issue and this is what I found: So, it says that I am using 51 GB for all of my Disk. But, then I find this. It says that I have basically used 235 GB. How is...
1-4 of 4 Results