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  1. Hardware
    I have done a full pc build and the ID-COOLING Auroflow x 240 starts beeping when I turn it on and the CPU fan error comes up. Now I have gone into the bios a suggested by others and set the fan speed to ignore. Hit save and restarted. Still beeping. Actually have a video of this. The cooling is...
  2. Hardware
    What is the difference between the sapphire tri x r9 290x oc and r9 290x sapphire tri x. Are they the same card pcb wise. If so do they support Kraken G12 GPU cooler and do I need a copper shim?
  3. Hardware
    Hi, i am saikat from kolkata , I install cooler master liquid lite 120 top of my cpu. then switch on my computer computer run fine but CPU temparataur increase from before. Before I used intel cpu fan that time temperature was 40 to 46 degree c with 4 to 5 % cpu work. But when I...
  4. Hardware
    Hello! So I was looking to buy a watercooler can a Cryorig A40 fit inside the aerocool 300 faw? If not what suggestions do you have?
  5. Hardware
    Hello. I am seeking 3rd party thoughts/opinions/solutions for an overheat issue that has started for me recently (past 3 days) for this system I have owned happily maintenance free for 5 years after the initial RMA with the PSU. Specs at bottom, with more relevant items toward the top. The...
  6. Hardware
    I've recently acquired a Cooler Master Seidon 120v and am currently trying to install it on my ASRock Fatal1ty z97 Gaming motherboard. I've connected the pump to the first chassis fan and the radiator to the first CPU fan slot. Upon booting to the BIOS my CPU temperature keeps rising, I've seen...
1-6 of 6 Results