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  1. Hardware
    ihave a small laptop, its 2 years old. never replaced battery And it just randomly turned off out of no where and it wont turn back on at all, normally keep it charged always so im probably thinking the battery needs to be replaced? i also have this damaged cable which could be for the screen...
  2. Hardware
    Hi! Today I turned my laptop on and played some games, browsed internet all normally while at one point the screen went all black. It came back after some seconds and then it went pitch black again, this time it did not come back on. I could still hear the background noise from the game and...
  3. Windows 10
    Hello! I have a laptop with windows 10 education on it, which I'm not licensed to use. I have my own windows home, but how do I uninstall windows educations before installing windows home?
  4. Hardware
    Hello, I'm looking for a Laptop for streaming for Facebook Live. Ideally, we would be using this to cast and switch between 2-3 cameras using OBS Studio to Facebook Live. What Laptop would you recommend that would be under $1000 with the best spec that will be able to handle 2 or 3 webcams /(or...
  5. Hardware
    I dropped my laptop yesterday and it was working fine. Today I noticed that beside the power button, the metal had been pushed out. When I go to turn my laptop on it switches on
  6. All Other Software
    Hello, I’m looking into a list of a few low cost computers. I was wondering if anywho who is knowledgeable on specs could help me out on selecting the right pc/laptop for creative cloud products. Thank you
  7. Hardware
    Hi, I am a student and I need to upgrade my laptop because it crashes often when using drawing software and other software like video editing. I need a laptop preferably less than 1000euro to be able to use drawing software like 'medibang', light Photoshop and video editing. If it 2 in 1 it...
  8. Hardware
    If Im comparing a 16” MacBook pro with the i9 processor and the radeon 5300M to a windows laptop with an i7 9750H and an RTX 2070(such as the hp omen 17), which is better? Ill be using it for 3D softwares such as Revit, Lumion, Rhino and rendering engines such as Vray, not for gaming. (Note that...
  9. Hardware
    I have Lenovo Legion Y520 and some Keyboard Keys stopped working (Fn, H, G) I tried to update the drivers but nothing fixed this problem. Also, I didn't use my Laptop's keyboard so I guess that I did not cause this problem.
  10. Hardware
    My Toshiba laptop turns on but it only shows black screen. Sometimes the start up screen shows immediately but I usually have to restart my laptop again and again before it starts to work properly. I went to drop it in a repair shop and they told me they had to clean the fan being the initial...
  11. Games
    So I recently been trying to play games on my laptop (through Steam). Every single game I play has terrible FPS, running at an average of 10 FPS. I always try to lower the settings the best I can but its so unbearable to play still due to the FPS. My system is an Intel Core i5-4310U @ 2.oo GHz...
  12. Games
    I have a gaming laptop and I bought a gaming monitor but the laptop uses integrated graphics also. The monitor only supports Nvidia graphics so gaming in full screen is fine, but google, discord, you tube, and everything else lags like crazy ONLY when my laptop is closed. When its open it runs...
  13. Windows 10
    This laptop operates on Windows 10. Intel Celeron Processor N3350. Aspire ES1 - 132. I don't know if its necessary information but here it is. Have already updated graphics driver. Have already disabled all startups and most services. So, this laptop keeps lagging even though I have like...
  14. Hardware
    On july this year my laptop is doing fine it can games on ultra with 120fps. But suddenly on august my laptop cant even reach 60fps on low. What should i do?
  15. Hardware
    My laptop suddenly stopped charging and I don't know if it's the battery or the charger. Please assist
  16. Hardware
    I 2nd hand bought a 1 TB Toshiba laptop HDD, 2.5 Inch but thicker and nothing seems to see it. It's not a scam because it was all through public/legal channels, the post was professional and offered a 5 day warranty, just that I didn't use it straight up cause I was busy. The whole laptop can't...
  17. Windows XP
    My laptop is a Lenovo X61 and its perpetually stuck with Windows XP and I can't enter internet explorer, it doesn't work at all. It won't update and it wont open certain downloads. It came from my old school so I figured there was a block on it somewhere, opinions? How could I get rid of it? I...
1-17 of 17 Results