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  1. Networking
    Good Morning everyone. I have been dealing with these computers for a week now and haven't made any progress. We have a small network at my office that has a total of 10 computers. 9 of the computers are workstations and the 10th is a "server" of sorts. Not like a traditional server, we just...
  2. Networking
    So I’m in college and last year I stayed in a dorm. I got a ps4 and I played 2k but when I was online, it was lagging. A friend told me to get a lan cable, i did and it was better. Now I moved to an apartment and the lan cable doesn’t not fit on the port. I’m wondering if there’s a smaller or...
  3. Networking
    (Sorry for the English.) I have a computer attached with a USB printer (HP Laserjet 1020 Plus). I am using windows 7 with I3 Processor installed. In my office we only have one printer which we use to print. one day i changed the CPU's of two computer (including that CPU, which were attached...
1-3 of 3 Results