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  1. Hardware
    In August, I posted a thread about keyboard/mouse lag time. The issue was, and still is, that when I type, move the mouse, scroll, open/close folders, click on links, etc. the action doesn't always display on the screen or responds in sync, but rather a few seconds later. Some days the lag time...
  2. Hardware
    For a few months now, the middle row of my keyboard has not been working (keys a-l). If I press hard enough, the keys will start to work, but that is after pressing for a few minutes on each key for a long time. After a few minutes, they will stop working again, and I have to repeat the process...
  3. Hardware
    This is my first posting here! Hope it's in the right place.... Have a look at the uploaded photo... It looks like an early IPad... It has Bluetooth (mobile won't 'see' it when scanning) , power switch, micro USB charging... Has silver body.. white keys with grey letters... Has NO touch pad...
  4. Hardware
    I have Lenovo Legion Y520 and some Keyboard Keys stopped working (Fn, H, G) I tried to update the drivers but nothing fixed this problem. Also, I didn't use my Laptop's keyboard so I guess that I did not cause this problem.
  5. Hardware
    Space bar, b, and n keys not working — in any app — on Lenovo T450s laptop (running windows 10). Was sporadically not working yesterday, and today not at all — and I have 3 reports to write! I’ve tried, as per all the information I found via Googling: - Confirming that sticky keys are not on...
1-5 of 5 Results