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  1. Linux and Unix
    My pc wont boot off either hard drive now, and refuses to boot windows media creadtion tool. It will boot into a linux live drive but trying to get past the first initial screen will cause one of two of the following error messages: 1. "Alignment of LOAD segment isnt multiple of 2mb --System...
  2. Networking
    Hi guys I’ve bought this WiFi adapter to use in a Kali Linux virtual machine. The device I’m using is a MacBook Pro running big sur. The installation disc does not ha e an option for big sur is there any way I can get this activated for use on the virtual machine?
  3. Linux and Unix
    I was dual booting kali on my windows 10 laptop from a USB but it was going through lines of code for around 20 minutes and than my computer randomly shut off and won’t turn back on. Specs 32gb ram Nvidia msi gtx 960m I7 6700hq Msi gp 72 6qf leopard pro laptop
1-3 of 3 Results