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  1. Hardware
    I read that this flight stick, T.Flight Hotas 4, is the best one for playing Arma 3 when flying helicopters. I have installed the software and update from their website and got it to work in Windows 10 but even though it shows up on my list in Arma 3, it is not recognized when I try to play it...
  2. Hardware$_1.JPG this is what it looks like, i am wondering maybe if i need to install some kind of generic helicopter joystick driver to see if that works because the trash driver support from mad cats doesnt recognize the device, it IS however...
  3. Hardware
    Hi, I'll try to get everything down so far and feel free to ask questions so I can fill in the blanks. I've got a decent PC, it was custom built by my brother who is a bit more techy than me. Despite this, I only really play one game. Final Fantasy XIV: Online Heavensward.I've played this with...
1-3 of 3 Results