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  1. Hardware
    I have a 2019 c seireis cyberpower pc I got from best buy the issue is it keeps turning on and no response from tv then after 20 seconds it turns off and reapeats
  2. Hardware
    My PC is randomly rebooting when im playing games. I can only play games on lower settings, but i used to play them on ultra settings. I bought a new graphics card 4 months ago, but I don't know if that could be the problem. What could be the problem?
  3. Hardware
    I recently built a new computer which worked fine on the first day and then the next it just suddenly started being really weird. When I press the power button it will turn on and the fans sound a certain way, like normal and then it kinda switches. Then it starts speeding up or using more...
  4. Hardware
    Built my new pc around 7-8 months ago no OC, worked perfectly until I was on it playing like usually I come off go sleep next day I go to launch it and nothing no sound no lights on motherboard just nothing, I did the usual make sure all cables are connected, take everything out, use change the...
  5. Windows 10
    Hello I turned on my computer and it said preparing windows and now all my photos and files are gone need help
1-5 of 5 Results