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  1. Hardware
    Hello, I just bought a hyper 212x a little bit ago and i smell something's that smells like its coming from the heat sink. I checked the the copper pipes sticking out of the heat sink and there was one that looked like it shouldn't be like it and was very small.
  2. Multimedia
    Please help with my mic i keep getting this horrible sound when i record, and my voice is really quite, and spend hours editing the sound to get rid of it, but i think its the computer that's doing it not the mic's as all 3 are doing it. The 3 mics i have are: 1) neewer nw-700 (3mm jack) 2)...
  3. Windows 8
    My Windows 8.1 is trying to run Device Set Up Manager User Task Handler. It's been over a couple of hours. The progress bar is not moving. The issue started while updating/installing my windows update software. I haven't received any error messages. The computer model is Inspiron 5537. Could I...
1-3 of 3 Results