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  1. Apple Mobile Devices
    My iPhone 5 has gone completely black screen but you can still hear Siri in the back, it still charges and you can see when the volume is turned up. But nothing else can be seen, aswell as that the "off" button up the top does not work. Please help
  2. Apple Mobile Devices
    Windows 7, iphone: Going insane! I have a problem accessing a link from one particular email sender. When I click on it on my PC, I end up in the right place. But when I am using my iphone, the link goes to a different (wrong) place. (Both links are part of the same website.) This just recently...
  3. Apple Mobile Devices
    I want to: Use my microphone as I hold a phone conversation. It cuts off when I answer the phone. Is there a way to workaround that to make it work as I speak to someone? Mic: Blue Raspberry Phone: iPhone 5
  4. Apple Mobile Devices
    I have an iPhone5 and an iPad2 that I have linked with iTunes in my Dell XPS8500. I have had some small difficulties with my iPhone transferring purchases ever since I had Batteries+ replace the battery that bulged. This is a whole new thing. I have about 1,650 songs in iTunes on my computer...
1-4 of 4 Results