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  1. Networking
    Hi I've been bashing my head at this for two days now. My computer suddenly doesn't want to have a valid IP any help would be great. Usually just obtains it's automatically. Hasn't said it can't reach DNS through trouble shooting. OS is windows 10 home 64bit version 1909. What I've tried so...
  2. Networking
    Hello, my laptop won't connect to the Internet. I keep getting the invalid IP config error but when I tried to set it manually it doesn't allow me to save. Any ideas? I'm on W10. This laptop is new, bought it to work from home in March. Thank you.
  3. Apple Mac
    Hi there! I am struggling with my MacBook safari - I cannot load webpages without a message stating “ Safari can’t verify the identity of the website ..... The certificate for this website is invalid...” I have reset all cache Reset the keychains Updated software Reset safari Fiddled with...
  4. General Security
    This issue has been resolved. I figured out that the IP was an IPv6. My apologies!
1-4 of 4 Results