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  1. Web & Email
    So basically my pc shows I have internet but it doesn't let me login because I don't have internet (pictures 1&2) and I can't go into safe mode because it says search for app in the store should I reset my pc files go into motherboard bios or something?
  2. Games
    I have really bad upload speed on my ps4 when my wifi is connected via lan directly to the wifi. My download speed is good (around 25-35mbps) but the upload speed is horrendous (65kbps). How can I improve my wifi’s upload speed (already tried googles prim and sec dns)?
  3. Networking
    HELLO. tThanks for entering my thread. i need help!!! I have a asus RTN12 router with the latest firmware. when i bought, i tested it in my aunts house , and it worked perfectly(i resetted it afterwards). then after 1 month i came home and called the ISP to send people to configure my router...
  4. Networking
    Let me get straight in. I restarted router for my own reasons blah blah blah. Then when i try to connect to internet. It doesn't work. Then i tried to connect to it via ethernet. It doesn't work again. Few days ago i tried ethernet it worked fine now it doesn't. I tried executing few cmd...
  5. Networking
    Was trying to block unwanted networks to my router and have somehow blocked the entire router? No device in the house works and can't find a way to undo this in Router settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Networking
    Hello there im really bad when it comes to this kind of stuff so sorry if im a little bad, but my adapter only connects with the modem not the internet, so its relly slow! it used to work perfect but not now... sometimes like once a month it connects to the modem and internet. It makes me really...
  7. Networking
    I have working wifi and my computer is connected to it but everytime I try to download something it says "please check your network/internet" ... All the browser - chrome,firefox,opera wont even connect to the internet and say the same thing as above The only browser working is the one that came...
1-7 of 7 Results