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  1. Hardware
    Dell 5547 laptop - I think the speakers were blown when a bulb on an attached Smartboard blew - never had sound since, and computer says no installed audio devices. Believe me I have tried everything regarding drivers and all that. They are either blown or disconnected somehow. I have the new...
  2. Hardware
    Hello Guys, I have a Samsung Series 7 Chronos and I believe I bought it in 2014. It has had some over heating problems so I have been using an external fan to cool it. On one day it was on low battery, so like any person, I plugged it in and went back to work. Suddenly it shut off. Out of...
  3. Do It Yourself (Not Computer-Related)
    ok, so on the bottom right of the external water tank [seen from the front] is a a floatation semsor that floats when there is at least a minimum amount of water in the tank. It contains a magnet . Within the body of the coffee maker the field must be sensed showing sufficient water level or...
1-3 of 3 Results