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  1. Web & Email
    I’m locked out if my Instagram account, they said I have to verify it’s me by getting a code sent to my email or phone. The phone number is old no longer have access. The email was old too but my school just gave me access for 14 days, however I’ve requested the code be sent multiple times now...
  2. Web & Email
    Hello! I recently changed my Instagram password, and after I did, it logged me out. When I tried to log back in on my phone, I received the message “sorry, there was a problem with your request” and when I tried to log in on a computer, my password goes through but then Instagram says they’re...
  3. General Security
    Hey all, Last week my IG was hacked, I managed to recover it for some miracle. Since then I've been getting messages in IG from people who the scammer was contacting in regards to items for sale on FB marketplace. How os he still messaging people via my my details for me to receive replies...
  4. Web & Email
    Guys, I can't enlarge the photos of the people that I follow on Instagram. Even if multiple photos are available shown in the upper right hand corner box. I am logging in through Facebook. Running Windows 10. Stories work though. On latest version of Firefox. Jack
  5. Apple Mobile Devices
    I went onto my Instagram earlier, and when I opened the app, it gave me an alert that a 3rd party app was attempting to phish me. I then did as instructed and reset my password. When I tried to log into my account with my new password, it told me I needed to add a phone number to get back into...
  6. Web & Email
    Hi! Im having trouble with my ig account. It seems like Instagram diactivated it wrongfully. Although i did nothing against the terms of use. Right now due to covid-19 they have no support team to support these issues. Is there anything we can do to get it back;
  7. Web & Email
    Instagram desnt let me post new pictures as well as load pictures, but only on my profile. The ones on my feed and stories load just fine. I treid logging in on my computer, but I have the same problem there. I tried logging out and back in, reinstalling, turning off my phone, clearing cache...
  8. Web & Email
    i have logged out of my Instagram account and now I get the log in error “request error “ and cannot log in, am able to log in through browser but not via app please help! I have tried many method such as connecting Facebook or reinstalling app or contacting Instagram etc and none worked for me...
  9. Web & Email
    I have just started working for a new company and the owner has opened millions of facebook accounts and instagram accounts covering every aspect and permientation of the business name. I am trying to sort it all out. to one facebook business page and one instagram account. One thing he did was...
  10. Apple Mobile Devices
    Hello! Hoping someone will be able to shed some light on some update problems I’m having. I have a iPhone 7. I don’t have internet right now so I’m relying on data and the occasional connecting to my churches wi-fi. I have been having trouble with Instagram. I have not received the newest...
  11. Web Design & Development
    I am looking to make money online with the form of blogging every person can suggest me some website name that can help me find ideas for my blog.
  12. Web & Email
    Is there an app to post Snapchat & Instagram Stories at the same time? Somelike like Hootsuite now where I can post Twitter and Facebook status updates.
1-12 of 12 Results