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  1. Hardware
    I was gaming when suddenly my pc turned off, when i try to start it it doesnt start and marks a red led saying cpu on the motherboard, i tried a lot of things and any of them worked i need help (my specs are a b360 hd3 gigabyte motherboard, i7-8700, rtx 2060, 16 gigs of ram
  2. Web & Email
    Good afternoon, We recently manually cleared a recycle bin due to an ongoing error message / issues accessing drive and have as a result lost all emails stored. We really need them back. Help??? No other changes to computer. Note: tried to complete system repair however despite admin access...
  3. All Other Software
    Hello, I have a few work computers that appear to have taken up a lot of space. However, not a vast amount of personal/user created files/folders or deletable temporary files. And also the apps and games (however, some are required to work some other applications). But, the vast majority seems...
  4. Games
    hi when i use forza 3 install (big game) this error comes for me i copied isdone.dll in System32 and 64 but don't works i watched guides but myself finded problem is it about storage of Memory My ram is 8gb and when cls-lolz-x64 take my 62% ram capitaly error comes 2,384,6 MB 62% Ram But i...
  5. Windows 7
    Hi, I need help recovering my F drive. It just disappeared a couple days ago. It is over 150GB and has all my important files and pictures. I've restarted my computer several times and sometimes it shows up but I cannot access it. It gives me an error message about I/O. It will not show up in...
  6. Hardware
    Hello, I need help ASAP. I'm a rookie in computer things, and I was practicing taking apart and putting back together my computer. Suddenly my tower is in permanent standby mode. I am using a Inspirion 560, running Windows 10. I'm sure it's not a monitor problem, I use dual monitors so chances...
1-6 of 6 Results