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  1. Hardware
    I need to know if a usb c hub will work at 100% in a thunderbolt 4 port? Thanks
  2. Hardware
    Hi All, I am a professional currently looking for a new computer setup for my office. I need my computing to be portable so I was looking to buy a macbook pro and then set up two additional screens in office. Looking for recommendations for 2 good sized Vesa compatible monitors and also a...
  3. Hardware
    I've just bought a new keyboard and it comes with USB C connectivity. My laptop has 1 USB C port, and I've already connected it to my monitor with a USB C to display port adaptor. I've been looking around online for USB C hub/splitter sort of thing that works with video too, for the display...
  4. Hardware
    Hi all. I bought the Lenovo C116 USB-C hub (this one: for my Lenovo Ideapad 530S. It doesn't work, however. It seems to detect the device, as it makes a sound when I connect it, but I can't use the Loghitech keyboard or mouse, monitor or...
  5. Hardware
    I am using a couple of cheap generic 4-port USB 3.0 hubs at the moment (one port failed on one of them after a few months, so that one's a three-port hub now). I am wondering if I can do better and, being no wiser after 45 minutes on Amazon, would appreciate some technical (rather than purchase)...
  6. Networking
    At my shop i want to connect my landline phone to my pc. Mainly for dialing number from contact list saved in my PC. My PC is already connected to a hub by which my shop Software runs, it is connected to HUB via Ethernet cable. Please help me. Thanks a lot. :)
1-6 of 6 Results