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  1. All Other Software
    After I reset the laptop (HP Pavilion 10-n200nl detachable -32bit operating system, x64 based processor) and installed windows 10 through USB device the laptop has no audio drivers at all.. In the DEVICE MANAGER it doesn’t even show any option for audio, NO “sound, video and game controllers”...
  2. Hardware
    I have confirmed, my HP Pavillion desktop PSU is dead. My dead motherboard Dell desktop has a good PSU. I was able to set up the Dell PSU into the HP enclosure, but of course, the power plugs to the HD were different. The HP are the 4 big pin type, and the Dell were the flatter 4 contact...
  3. Hardware
    Hi everyone. I've stuck this on this forum because it kinda involves installing issues with Windows (namely the fact that I had Windows and now it's clearly saying I don't have that or any OS) but if it's in the wrong place, let me know where to put this instead. I have a HP Laptop that's been...
1-3 of 3 Results