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  1. Linux and Unix
    couldnt find videos online that gives me that option i know all my truffic will go thrue my home i dont need high speed all i need is SAFE vpn that i can connect to from far away for free/ my setup : a laptop with ubuntu 15 that is runing my nectcloud server , and 3 pcs on my network 2...
  2. Hardware
    Anyone ever try running a home server with external hard drives? I’ve been looking into external storage units that can hold up to 8 HDs at once and require only a single cable to connect it to a computer. At first, I was looking into home NAS units. But, they don’t allow the Windows share...
  3. Networking
    Hey everyone! So here's my set-up: Windows 7 x64-bit Ultimate machine has a RAID 6 "drive" shared (on homegroup) for home-server purposes. I have four folders shared and from my gaming machine (same username, windows 10, same homegroup) I can copy/paste files and folders into the shared folders...
1-3 of 3 Results