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  1. Hardware
    Every time I logon into my computer a "happy birthday" song starts playing. I'm not sure if it's a virus or not. Can you help me?
  2. Other Operating Systems
    Hello. I’ve been using my iPhone XR as a hotspot for my Acer Chromebook 315. It was working fine for about a month but yesterday my Chromebook started displaying a message that read “the network you are using may require you to login). When I click on the notification, the page fails to load...
  3. Hardware
    I was playing a game, on my desktop which I build few years ago, when all of the sudden the screen went all black with only some distorted lines in the middle and made this non stop loud noise in my headphones. and so I forced a shutdown. After that I tried to switch it back on and while it does...
  4. Windows XP
    I'm stuck on installation process and I'm trying to activate windows in many ways but none of them work. Any suggestions?
  5. Games
    Below is a bunch of stuff I know nothing about. I am trying to play Destiny 2 on my laptop. I know it works because I already had it running. I started getting an error message about not having access to the folder the game was in (an irritating problem on its own) but I seemed to make it work...
  6. Hardware
    so i bought a Z590 VISION D and i am having promblems with its bios when i have my keyboard plugged in its not resposive when bios promt comes up i have a razer huntsman mini keybaord and i have regular acer monitors it shows f12 to go bios but my keyboard unrespsonsive even when i plug it in...
  7. Games
    My monitor screen keeps turning on and off while its connected to my playstation
  8. Hardware
    My HP Laptop only charges when it is turned off. Is there any chance anyone knows if there is something I can do? Does the battery need to be replaced or is there something else that can be causing the problem?
  9. Hardware
    My PC crashes making a "BRRRRRRR" sound every time I play any game that isn't Warframe it seems. I've been testing with Halo Infinite since it seems to be the most common culprit but it will happen commonly on games like rimworld as well which require low usage. I'm at my wits end with trying...
  10. Hardware
    Hello, first of all sorry if my grammar is off, english is not my first language. So in august 2020 i bought a brand new HP laptop, it cost around 420 $ so it wasn't cheap. It worked completely fine and the games i downloaded worked perfectly as well. But as i installed windows 11 i found out...
  11. Multimedia
    Hello, So I am playing 4k content from my NAS with 8k capable box with VLC media player to my Samsung TV (50TU7072) via HDMI cable. It lags so much and I don't know why. The box is connected via ethernet port, through a switch (100/100) that is connected to my router. All of my cables are cat...
  12. Windows 10
    I’m having an issue my computer runs perfect until after I login everything shows as normal then my monitor cuts to no signal, my keyboard and mouse leds turn of all at the same time I replug my hdmi nothing happens
  13. Hardware
    Hello everyone , I am in this deep Trouble where my pc restarts without a warning and with a black screen as soon as I open a game but situation got worse now that it restarts sometimes even watching youtube or anything.. The Problem began after a day my graphic card got malfunctioned i removed...
  14. Hardware
    Hi, today I turned on my pc and it wouldn’t do anything, looked at my mobo and it had the EZDEBUG above the CPU slot. tried resetting cmos and nothing happened. Tried to swap ram sticks, only use one stick, etc… The pc won’t boot to bios and I really need some help!
  15. Hardware
    I tried to fix it with program, but I couldn't because it's booting in EFI. Could anyone instruct me how to turn that off? I tried with command prompt, but it made no changes. Help!
  16. Hardware
    hi i think my pc is broken i have rtx 3070 and amd ryzen 7 3700x and my motherboard is ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 and i have a problem when im playing games like minecraft i have extremely low fps at first like 2 and then max 150fps and when i open like the performance panel it shows that i...
  17. Hardware
    My computer had a blue screen then turned back on like normal for a couple mins then froze and i restarted it then it couldn't boot and was diagnosing the pc and said repairing disk errors this may take a couple hours and didn't work and took me to start up error page. where i tried everything...
  18. Hardware
    Hello, thank you in advance for you help and time reading this. I'm having an issue with my pc and i cant seem to able to find the problem. So this started a few days ago. I decided to switch the MB battery, since it was giving issues. After that, i tried to start the pc, but nothing happened...
  19. Hardware
    Hi everyone, first post on this forum as to be honest it's my last hope. Recently I've been having issues with my pc stuttering. This is both in games and just general PC usage. I've had some people say oh it's your CPU load being too high or GPU not strong enough etc, which makes no sense to...
  20. Games
    If you're reading this, i've been dealing with this issue ever since I purchased my computer back at the end of December. It's a recurring problem that happens so frequently that I can actually tell you exactly when it's going to happen down to the # of minutes I can play the game before it...
1-20 of 500 Results