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  1. Hardware
    Hi fellow pc user, To be quick I really need help to understand what happened to my Pc. First of all, I have a very good pc gamer and yesterday, I had a overvoltage. I was playing with my friend using discord. When the power surge occurred, my fan started making an horrible noise ( like it was...
  2. Hardware
    Just recenetly upgraded my graphics from nvidia 750ti to a 1080 and so far I've only been having problems with it, my fps has been incredibly low on most games like overwatch rust borderlands. I've been around on a few message boards nothing so far that has been suggested has helped only thing I...
  3. Hardware
    The other day I got a used from Ebay GPU MSI Radeon 270x 4gb twinFozr IV. And every time I start up a game as soon as any substantial load gets put on it, it crashes. (I cant even get past the game menu) I have tried every thing I can think of please help. SPECS CPU: AMD Phantom 6x ii 1100 BE...
1-3 of 3 Results