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  1. Hardware
    I have a OLD abs desktop (ABS Desktop PC Dreadnought) After years of using it, I recieved a issue. I get no beep when it boots up. No display is working. Fans are working, lights are on. Usb ports works. However, no beep and no startup just a black screen. No bios either. Not a single display...
  2. Hardware
    Hello everyone I got my ssd lately and it's all set in my computer, I heard that you can clone all your files from hdd to ssd. I cloned everything what was on C: and now I have the same files on my hdd and ssd. My question is: What am I supposed to do to make my ssd into a boot device. Should I...
  3. Hardware
    I recently bought a ryzen 2700x, as well as a B550M DS3H motherboard. I was wondering if they are compatible together or if I need to update the bios, because there isn't any video displayed. Should I return and get a different one or can I update bios and be fine?
  4. Hardware
    I just built a new PC, 2 days into use it started to have issues. I have solved some issues, but one still remains. Context; first problem arose when both monitors went black and had no signal detected on me. Restarted PC via button, it had issues turning back on. Had to unplug, hold button...
1-4 of 4 Results