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  1. Hardware
    I have a basic setup of a desktop connected to a monitor. I reorganized my desk earlier and moved my computer while I was doing this. After putting it back and plugging everything back in, my monitor is no longer recognizing the desktop, I am getting an HDMI PORT- NO SIGNAL message. I tested...
  2. Hardware
    Hi, we use two TVs connected to a computer through an HDMI splitter to display videos and presentations. When displaying slides and images, everything appears on both monitors correctly with no glitches. When I play a video, one monitor always starts flickering to black and will not work...
  3. Hardware
    Hello, Two years ago I got a Acer Pc as a gift, I played on it for about a year and at the beginning of last year people said I “fried” my motherboard so I looked into it got it looked at by someone that specializes in this. But today I thought know what lets test it out. I don’t recall the pc...
1-3 of 3 Results