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  1. Hardware
    Hello! I have recently been given a very large 4k monitor. It’s a seiki pro sm40unp. There’s no way I could afford a 4k monitor right now, and even if it’s old I’m very happy. However, there’s one problem. Its only hdmi connection is hdmi1.4. (It has DisplayPort 1.2, dvi-d, and usb...
  2. Hardware
    I bought a 240 hz monitor by ben q, it is called the zowie xl2546. I plugged it into my laptop (asus gx501), which has hdmi 2.0, which i heard can support 240hz. The graphics card is a gtx 1080 max q. When I connected via hdmi, and a cabke that supports hdmi 2.0, it wasnt able to support 240 hz...
1-2 of 2 Results