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  1. Hardware
    Hi! Hopefully, I've chosen the correct forum for this query. My husband's HP Pavilion Dv6 HDD recently crashed. I'm about to order a 1 TB SATA replacement, and honestly, I'm not 100% on how to set it up. I know how to physically swap the old with the new, but I'm unsure how to upload an OS...
  2. Hardware
    Hello, First, let me mention that I'm fully aware that there was a thread about a very similar issue created just yesterday. There are several parallels, but I have a few additional questions that may or may not be relevant to that person's issue. I tried to clone an old HDD onto a new SSD...
  3. Hardware
    I recently received a tower from a friend of mine, only to find out it was a gaming pc. It needs a major cleaning! But as I was cleaning it four cords popped off and I don't know where they go, I looked it and searching for it online, doesn't help me at all. The desktop tower, has a intel...
1-3 of 3 Results