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  1. Windows 10
    Hi all, struggling a little bit here, haha. So basically, I have recently cloned my NVME SSD to another but after cloning (and all seemed correct) I have been unable to successfully boot windows. After cloning, I replaced the old drive with the new one (but I did move the old drive to the...
  2. Hardware
    Hi! Today I turned my laptop on and played some games, browsed internet all normally while at one point the screen went all black. It came back after some seconds and then it went pitch black again, this time it did not come back on. I could still hear the background noise from the game and...
  3. Hardware
    My computer hasn't turned on in a few months because it wouldn't start and I had to get a new power supply for it. I put in the power supply and started it and it turns on but I get a black screen. The fans are working, the led indicator for the hard drive isnt showing any light but the hard...
  4. Hardware
    So my PC that I have had for a few years is giving me issues, I have been wanting to get back into gaming so have been using it more often after barely touching it for 2 years because I just haven't made the time to game. Issues: When I start the PC sometimes my screen just stays blank, it can...
  5. Hardware
    Hello everyone, if you could please help me out it would be great. So today i was using my pc when it just froze, i turned it off and then booted it it shows nothing and the HHD light doesnt blink (Using SSD) that before would blink even a little. I have opened the case to see everything...
  6. Hardware
    Hello there. I have those earbuds: I can successfully connect them to an iPhone SE of mine with Bluetooth. When they're connected, I have no problems with using it to listen to the audio. The problem is that I can not...
  7. Hardware
    Yo can someone help? I got an xfx rx 460 and mini pci 16x riser to try and update my graphics on a Dell all in one running windows 10 pro. But I think during boot up the system doesn’t recognize the mini pci to usb so it shuts off the port and the screen stays black? Or maybe I need a separate...
  8. Hardware
    Hi. I bought hp pavilion power desktop u can search up using serial number 4CE801303Y. my motherboard fried. And I asked hp for part they said almost 400$ when entire pc costed like 1k$. Anyways all rest of my pc parts are perfect. Gpu, ram,hdd,cd state , psu,intel core.Now I don’t want to pay...
  9. Hardware
    I am going to build a new PC, and I was wondering if I can use my old harddrive from my old PC and use it in my new PC build. It still has space in it. Should I do that or get a new harddrive? Will there be compatibility issues or any problems if I use my old harddrive?
  10. Hardware
    My laptop does not recognize my headphones if I plug them in after it turned on. I have to plug them in before starting the laptop. I tried driver updates, uninstall and reinstall, windows updates. (Headphones are working fine with mobile)
  11. Hardware
    Hi, I've had this problem where my computer would suddenly shut down and then proceed to go into a boot loop. I've had the computer for about a year and a half now and it never had this issue before. I am able to use my computer for up to 2 hours before it would suddenly lose power and attempt...
  12. Hardware
    I have Lenovo Legion Y520 and some Keyboard Keys stopped working (Fn, H, G) I tried to update the drivers but nothing fixed this problem. Also, I didn't use my Laptop's keyboard so I guess that I did not cause this problem.
  13. Hardware
    Hi! So, around a month or 2 ago my PC accidently fell, killing hard drive and graphic card. I now have a replacement for both, but now, for some reason, it won't boot. When the card and hard drive first died I had to figure out what exactly was damaged. I tried another "half dead" 960 card...
  14. Hardware
    Computer was restarting on its own. And now it just goes to a black screen and reads -Reboot and select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key. I just got this new desktop and haven’t spent but about 2 hours on it. Any help would be great !
  15. Hardware
    Greetings and thanks in advance! So my CPU fan component wasn't properly attached and caused my computer to half boot and turn off. I noticed this and proceeded to take everything apart, unplugged waited, took shell off unplugged everything from the CPU fan to processer to removed mother board...
  16. Hardware
    I recently bought a motherboard after deeming my prior one shorted out. Everything turns on fine but I am getting no input on my monitor
1-16 of 16 Results